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What is ACE Renamer?

How to rename multiple files easy, fast and free

I am an avid collector of movies and tv series – legally, of course ;) – and I often download backups through p2p software. The problem arose when the volume was such that to classify all my downloads I first had to spend a lot of time renaming the files correctly. For example, when you download a film, it tends to have a filename like this:

NombrePelícula. [dvdrip](english). rippedByJhonDoe.severalThings .]*-€~%’.etcetc.

And in the case of the series is normally even worse:

badlyWrittenSeriesNamenumSeasonxnumEpisode. symbols episodeName SometimesUppercaseSometimesLowercase. [tvrip][dual eng-rum]. rippedByJhonnDoe.severalThings.] *-€~%’. etcetc

The fact is that to rename correctly a 25 episodes season may require a considerable amount of time. And when several dozens of movies and complete seasons accumulate in the download folder you increasingly feel the desire to wait and see if over time they rename themselves, which usually only worsens the situation.

In order to expedite the renaming process I searched the web for some free programs that might serve my purpose and I certainly found some very complete and well done programs. Many of them are very flexible and contain many features, but I was looking for something much simpler that would not require the use of masks or filters and that just renamed files to my liking. This is how the idea of Renamer was born, an extremely simple application that, over time, has grown to also rename home videos, pictures, music and miscellaneous files. You shouldn’t expect Renamer to offer endless options for the output format of a particular file type because there is only one output format for each file type. When I say file type I am not refering to the fyle extension but to its content (movie, tv series, home video, etc.). I have done so to maximize the speed with which the user can rename without having to think about the output format, but only follow a series of defined steps.

The flexibility you loose due to the rigidity of output formats results in a higher processing speed in the files. Renamer – in most cases – will be able to eliminate redundant information, identify the fields in the file name and suggest final formats automatically. It may also undertake additional actions as, for example, automatically rename the cover of the season series (if it is placed in the same folder as the episodes) and the own folder containing the series. This is an example of the spirit in which Renamer was created: take up as little time as possible to rename files with a logical format according to their content.